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We only take on two major projects at a time to ensure quality workmanship and efficient program control.

Tendering to Builders

“Tendering” is the phrase used to source a competitive quote from a group of builders. Before you approach your builders you need a prepared set of tender documents so the builders know exactly what they are quoting. You normally get this through an architect or draftsman. We can also help you here.

The prepared tender documents should include: a ‘specification’ which documents all the fittings, finishes and inclusions; construction drawings and schedules which detail the design of the building, structural drawings which detail the engineering elements, hydraulic design drawings which detail the water management system, pool design drawings and landscaping design drawing. This detailed information including a finishes schedule ensures that the tendering builders know exactly what to quote on and you will be able to compare the quotation.

A tip when it comes to paying for a good set of tender documents, ‘you pay for what you get’. Often cost blowouts with projects come during the construction phase where the originals documentation was poor in its detail allowing the builder to put their interpretation on the inclusions, quality of finishes etc.

So with a good set of documents you can approach builders. We suggest you limit this to three / maximum four builders.

Word of mouth is often a good way of connecting with appropriate builders clients who have had a positive experience can be a strong recommendation.

There is normally a lot of work that a builder has to do to tender. You should allow 3-4 weeks for the tender period with all tenderers receiving the documents at the same time. We suggest any responses to an individual builder’s questions during the tender time, should be sent to all tenderers.

Checking the quality of a builder’s previous work, track record, current licence and insurance status is essential before considering their engagement.

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